Are Amazon skateboards good?

Strolling Down the Amazon Lane: Grasping the Quality of Amazon Skateboards

How does one describe the exhilaration of cruising down the street on a skateboard under the warm sun, feeling the wind whip past your face, and the adrenaline pumping in your veins? Ask any skateboard devotee and you'll get the same response: divine. Now, living in Adelaide offers its share of skateboarding destinations, and as an aficionado myself, I take my wheels seriously. Today, my focus is on Amazon skateboards. Do they measure up?

Being a digital resident of the 21st century, Amazon is the name that frequently pops up every time we do a quick online search for a myriad of products, and skateboards are no exception. But are Amazon skateboards up to snuff in terms of quality? Let's shed some light on this and let me take you through the ins and outs of Amazon skateboards, something I've explored quite extensively recently. From their affordability to their reliability, skateboarding enthusiasts, this is for you.

A Deep Dive into Amazon Skateboard Quality

When thinking of Amazon skateboards, it's essential to remember one thing: on Amazon, there isn't just one brand of skateboard. The platform is a marketplace with an array of sellers, each offering their unique take on this popular method of transportation. So, when talking about ‘Amazon skateboards,’ it's far more accurate to talk about the range of brands that Amazon sells.

After going through many a skateboard listed on Amazon, I’ve come across brands spanning from renowned ones like Element, Santa Cruz to the less known but promising ones like DINBIN and WHITEFANG. The quality of your Amazon skateboard majorly depends on the brand you choose. Amazon, in this regard, serves as the median to connect you – the buyer – with these brands. So it’s of critical importance that you do your homework about the brand before hitting that 'Buy now' button.

Elementary My Dear Skater: Infusing the Element of Fun with Quality

Element is a name that needs no introduction among skateboarding enthusiasts. Founded in 1992, it has remained a reliable presence in the skateboarding market, and Amazon hosts a variety of these admired skateboards. It's the brand I first got on when I tried skateboarding on a weekend trip to Sydney years ago, and boy, I fell in love with it! So, it was a delightful surprise for me to find my beloved Element skateboards on Amazon.

The good news for fans of Element boards or those looking to try them, Amazon carries them, with prices that are competitive to other platforms. Whether you're just starting or a seasoned rider, Element skateboards are known for their quality deck construction and high-performance trucks, wheels, and bearings. With a balance of quality and price, Element skateboards bought from Amazon remain a good bet.

Quality that Doesn't Break the Bank

In addition to including recognized brands, Amazon also has its share of affordable options. Brands like DINBIN and WHITEFANG have made their mark in the economical segment and gained positive reviews. It's interesting how these lesser-known brands can offer a decent ride without busting your budget - something I was curious about when I stumbled upon a WHITEFANG skateboard during my late-night online window shopping!

While these brands may not have the long history or high-profile endorsements of Element and Santa Cruz, the user reviews reveal a pattern of satisfaction. Sure, these budget-friendly options might not have the same cachet as the pricier ones, but if you're new to skateboarding or looking for a reliable backup board, they could be a good fit. Admittedly, my WHITEFANG board doesn't have the pizazz of my Element, but on casual afternoon rides, it holds its own pretty well!

Skating on Santa Cruz: A Renowned Brand Available through the Click of a Button

Santa Cruz is another big name that you'll find on Amazon. Being one of the oldest skateboard brands in the market, Santa Cruz is a synonym of quality and versatility among skaters. Despite being a higher-end product, these boards are worth every penny. With robust construction and intricate designs, Santa Cruz boards combine style and performance, and Amazon has managed to bring them right to your doorstep with just a click.

A charming tidbit about Santa Cruz is that they were around long before I was even born! As someone who appreciates the rich culture and history of skateboarding, finding a brand with pedigree and roots like Santa Cruz on Amazon felt like striking gold. Quality aside, getting a Santa Cruz board from Amazon also means becoming a part of the rich tapestry woven by decades of skateboarding history and culture.

Final Verdict: Amazon Skateboards: A Hero or a Flop?

So, the million-dollar question is: Are Amazon skateboards good? In my honest opinion, the answer isn't a simple yes or no. It comes with certain caveats. Amazon, with its extensive product range, offers a host of choices from top-notch well-established brands to promising newcomers. Purchasing from Amazon gives you the convenience of home delivery and customer reviews right at your fingertips. It's a literal smorgasbord of skateboard options!

It's true; you'll have to navigate the plethora of choices wisely, looking beyond just the price tag to the brand, construction, materials, and reviews. But I assure you, armed with the right information; it can lead to a find that best suits your style, skill level, and budget. It's not farfetched either; I've found a few such gems on Amazon myself. So, embark on your digital shopping journey and may your perfect wheeling companion be just a click away!

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